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Melding card games are typically found in the Rummy family or sometimes trick card games such as Pinochle. The majority of meld games date back to period games with slight alterations to today's version.

What does Melding mean?

To meld means you match a group of cards in three or more based on sequence or suit and lay them down in order to earn points during the game.

History of Meld Games

There are hundreds of different card games available, but generally melding games are the ones most people first learn, such as Rummy or Canasta. Melding card games date back to the 16th century, around the same time as blackjack games, however an exact time period cannot be specified simply because at that point various meld games such as Tridunus, and Partitaccia were already widespread across most of Europe and even in North American.

The complexity of the one meld game to another can vary greatly. Some games are quite difficult to learn while others like Rummy and Cribbage are easy enough to understand that children at the age of 9 or 10 have no problems grasping the concepts. The actual game itself can vary from melding and stops, to games with both trick taking and melds along with bluffing.

Standard Meld Games

Regular meld games are the standard version of melding cards, such as Rummy or Canasta. In these games players will need to lay down their hands in sets of the same suit or sequence (2, 3, 4, and so on). Each card has a value placed on it using a point system and players will tally their points once a player's hand no longer contains any cards. In these type of games players will also be picking up and discarding.

Melding with Tricks

Trick card games are games such as Hearts or Spades where players will create melds with the object to avoid penalty points or receiving points at all. You can play many of these melding games online on such places like Yahoo or for free although there are a number of sites that allow you to bet on the games similar to playing online slots for real money. Its not neccessary to wager on any game online and there are plenty of card game communities available that would rather enjoy the game with each other than bet on it :)