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Good Better Best Chinese PokerAnyone who wants to play Good, Better, Best or Chinese Poker must simply know and understand the rankings of Poker hands and some fundamental strategies for that game.

Value of Units in Chinese Poker

Before a game of Good, Better, Best begins, it is necessary that the players agree on the value of the “units”. These are the sums that a winning hand will be worth. Values can be monetary if the game is being played for actual money, or they can be points if the game is simply for fun. The players will have to select a single value for a unit.

How to Play Good, Better, Best

To play a game of Good, Better, Best requires nothing more than a standard deck of 52 cards, and four players. It is not possible to play the game with any more than that due to the way in which the cards are used. This becomes clearer as the rules are explained.

Each player receives their 13 cards face down. Once all cards have been dealt, the players then pick up their hand and begin arranging it in the “good, better, best” format. These are actually called the “front”, “middle”, and “back” hands. They consist of the best five card hand possible from all of the cards the player received, this is the “back” hand.

Next, the player will arrange the next best five card hand, which becomes their “middle” hand, and finally they arrange their “front” hand from the three cards remaining. Obviously this means that attention will have to be paid to the potential strength of the three card hand.

For example, a player could select three of a kind, a single high card or even a good pair, but it isn’t advisable to sacrifice a stronger “back” hand for a good “front” hand.

Once the cards are arranged, the players lay each of the hands face down in front of them. The front hand is closes to the center of the table. The rules vary, but players can either flip their hands over one by one, or all at the same time.

How to Win in Chinese Poker

The winner for each hand is determined by the one who has the best Poker hand. The winner receives three points for each hand they have won.

Additionally, the second place player gets two units for their hand and third receives one unit. The fourth player loses a single point. This applies for all of the hands in the game, and all players are rewarded units for their order of finish.

Alternative Rules

In addition to these simple rules, some players add a bit more complexity to the game by creating special hands that win more units. For example, a back or middle hand with four of a kind will receive four units, and a back or middle hand with a royal or straight flush can get five units. Most often, these special hands will only apply if the player should also win the hand as well.

There are many other variations to Good, Better, Best, and these include having a player serve as the “house”, and extra units for the player who wins all three hands in a single game. If you enjoy playing Good Better Best, you might also like poker. You can play poker pretty much everywhere and anywhere including where you can receive up to $600 free using the PokerStars Kampagnekode